MacBook Pro for homeschool

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MacBook Pro for homeschool

Post by pvols1979 » Wed Feb 15, 2017 12:50 pm

This year we began homeschooling our 4 children. I am pleased with the education they are getting as they all seem to be prospering much better than they did at public school. They get plenty of socialization through church and karate (we compete nationally and karate is about 70% of our lives). I spent a good deal of time researching low end laptops because I wanted to get each of them a machine for their school work without breaking the bank.

It appears that even though I picked some good hardware for the purpose, these consumer grade laptops just can't stand up to my children, especially my 9 and 10 year old. I have been a Mac user for years now and I wish I had purchased some used or older Apple equipment. I own a MacBook Pro from 2015 and my wife has a MacBook Pro from 2016. I like the way the hardware is built. It seems much more rugged than other manufacturers equipment,even at higher price ranges.

The piece that has commonly broke with the kids' laptops is the power plug. The adapter is fine, but the connection to the laptop is flimsy. The plug itself is tiny which means it will never stand up to them. That is why I prefer the magnetic power cords that Apple uses. I am presently looking for some used Macs that I can slowly replace with the current laptops they are using. It is sad that there are some things that a manufacturer should recognize as potential issues down the road. Of course, they will not cover these under warranty, so I get to fit the bill.

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