BeOS was my favorite

For all the OS enthusiasts out there. Yes, this is for you, BeOS folks.
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BeOS was my favorite

Post by pvols1979 » Tue Feb 14, 2017 10:39 am

I remember back in 1998 when someone introduced me to the world of Linux. I had no idea that there were other operating systems than Windows or Mac. I barely knew anything about Macs. The first Linux distribution that I ran was Suse Linux, back before Novell bought them. That started my journey into hobby OSes. From that point, I started downloading ever odd OS I could find. The less like Windows it seemed, the more interest I had in running it. This was not because I hated Windows, but because I was bored of Windows. One of the best OSes I landed on during that time was BeOS, which was designed from one of Apple's old employees, and built specifically for hardware he was working on which included Power PC chips. The OS spread to x86 hardware and that is where I ended up on it. I loaded it up on an old PC at the house and I immediately fell in love with the fast boot times and graphics. BeOS was built with multimedia in mind. I hate that this old OS has disappeared from the scene when Palm bought it years ago, but I will always remember my first time booting up into BeOS and how excited I was to click around in it.
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Re: BeOS was my favorite

Post by MyPreciousIWantzIt » Thu Feb 16, 2017 1:13 pm

I have never even heard of BEOS. I had some friends who were trying to convince me to run LINUX at home, but I work too much and rarely have time for that kind of stuff. I wonder how many people here have installed systems like that for fun. What is the point of a hobby installing OS anyway? I am not knocking it. Just wondering.

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